VENUS & MINI VENUS - new GCMI 18/400 caps
6 October 2022

VENUS & MINI VENUS - new GCMI 18/400 caps

The Venus and Kappa glass bottles collections can now be accessorized (as well as with dispenser pumps, spray pumps and droppers) also with the new Venus and Mini Venus caps, with the same neck finish GCMI 18/400, to fit the different available size bottles: 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml.

MINI VENUS cap fits perfectly the 30 ml Clio bottle and 15ml/30ml/50ml Venus glass bottles as well as all the same neck finish glass bottles.

VENUS caps are available in two sizes to design a "unibody" shape with 30ml/50ml and 100ml bottles for a modern packaging solution.

These caps can be made in PP and PCR PP (Post Consumer Recycle) for an ecofriendly packaging solution, and customizable in every color and finishing.

For a luxurious look they can also be metallized, and decorated with a graphic or logo.