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Vetronaviglio Srl is committed in the protection of the privacy of all cusmoters and users whom interact whom it interacts.

This document describes the procedure adopted for the protection of personal data when the user visits the Vetronaviglio Srl Web websites or uses an online application containing a link to this information (collectively, "sites"). This information also concerns the information that Vetronaviglio Srl receives when it is contacted by the user (for example, when the user sends a comment or a request for support for a product or a service). This document describes the personal data collected, the purposes for which they are used and the options of the User about their use by Vetronaviglio Srl. This document also illustrates the procedure adopted by Vetronaviglio Srl to protect the personal data of the user and how he can consult and / or modify them.

By accessing the websites or providing their data when contacting Vetronaviglio Srl, the user agrees to the collection of information and the operating practices described in this privacy statement.

For the purposes of this document, "personal data" are intended information that identifies a person, such as name, address, e-mail address or telephone number. When other information is associated with the personal data, such as, for example, purchasing habits, products preferences, such additional information also becomes personal data.

Collection of information by Vetronaviglio Srl

Vetronaviglio Srl receives data directly from the user. The user can visit the Vetronaviglio Srl websites without entering personal data.

On some pages, Vetronaviglio Srl may, however, ask for some personal data of the user, in order to provide a service or perform a transaction requested by the user. The user can also provide some personal data when he contacts Vetronaviglio Srl (for example, when he sends a comment, a question or a request for assistance). Personal data collected by Vetronaviglio Srl may include the following information:

• contact information, such as name, title, company name / organization, e-mail address, telephone and fax numbers and the user address;

• information about the company and personal user’s job title;

• user’s preferences related to digital marketing communication;

• financial information (including credit card or account information);

• information such as user's nationality and country of residence, which allows Vetronaviglio Srl to know if the user can be informed about particular practices on export controls;

• useful information to personalize and facilitate the use of the sites by the user, including technical and access data;

• requests for Vetronaviglio Srl products and services, or orders for products and services;

• information that helps Vetronaviglio Srl identify the best suited products and services to the user's needs;

• data relating to the registration at trade shows and / or events;

• user comments about Vetronaviglio Srl sites and products and services in general.

The user is not obliged to provide such data, but if he does not provide Vetronaviglio Srl can not offer the requested services or complete the transaction requested by the user.

Automatic collection of information.

Vetronaviglio Srl collects data relating to user visits to their websites, including the type of pages viewed, the number of bytes transferred, the selected links, the materials to which the user has accessed and other operations carried out on the Vetronaviglio Srl sites. Vetronaviglio Srl may associate this information with user’s personal data and use the information thus combined in accordance with this privacy statement. Vetronaviglio Srl also collects some standard data sent by the user's browser to all websites visited, such as the user's Internet Protocol (IP) address, type, functionality, browser system, date and time of access to the visited website and the website from which the user connected to one of Vetronabviglio’s websites.

Vetronaviglio Srl does not associate this standard data with other personal data.

Use of information by Vetronaviglio Srl

Services and transactions. Vetronaviglio Srl uses the personal data of the user to offer services or perform transactions requested by the user, including, without limitation, the offer of information on products or services Vetronaviglio Srl, registration of products purchased, processing product orders, the handling of complaints, the response to requests for assistance and the simplification of the use of Vetronaviglio Srl websites. The data collected by the Vetronaviglio Srl websites may be associated with information that Vetronaviglio Srl collects or acquires by other means, for the purpose of offer the user a more consistent experience during his interactions. These interactions include, without limitation, those aimed at knowing the user and the way in which he uses products and services and interacts with them, interactions useful for the development and management of products and services and those aimed at providing the user with information about products and services that may be of interest.

Improvement of websites and products Vetronaviglio Srl may use the personal data of the user to perform commercial analysis or for other purposes aimed at improving the quality of the activities of its websites and its products or services (including new products or services) or to simplify the use of the websites in such a way that the user does not have to enter the same data several times or customizing the websites according to user preferences or interests.

Communications. Vetronaviglio Srl may use the personal data of the user to update him on products or services that might be of interest and to send surveys. The user can refuse promotional communications by contacting Vetronaviglio Srl through the contact information given in this privacy statement. In addition, all promotional e-mail communications sent by Vetronaviglio Srl contain a link to cancel the registration, which allows the user to block the sending of this type of communications. If the user decides to cancel his registration, Vetronaviglio Srl will remove his name from the list in question within 10 working days.

Hiring questions. The user can provide Vetronaviglio Srl with personal information, for example by means of a curriculum vitae, in relation to general application or application for a precise vacancy. Vetronaviglio Srl can use this information internally, in order to evaluate the request for employment. If this request is not accepted, Vetronaviglio Srl will keep the information for future use, for a limited period of time, unless the user explicitly asks not to store it.

In addition to the uses listed above, Vetronaviglio Srl may use the data collected in order to identify and prevent fraud, violations of intellectual property rights, the Terms and Conditions and laws or other improper uses of the sites and to react to them.

Use of cookies and Web beacons

Cookies are text files containing little information, which are downloaded to the user's hardware or in the memory of his browser when the user visits one Vetronaviglio Srl’s websites. Cookies are useful for organizing content and designing the layout of websites allowing to Vetronaviglio Srl to recognize computers or other devices that have connected to its websites in the past. Cookies perform many different functions; for example, they allow websites to remember user preferences and help improve the usability and performance of their websites and user experience during their use.

Vetronaviglio Srl websites may also contain virtual images, known as beacon or, sometimes, as a single-pixel gif, which allow users to keep track of specific page visits. Vetronaviglio Srl may include Web beacons in newsletters or in promotional e-mail messages to determine if the user has opened the messages and interacted with them.

Cookie categories

The types of cookies used by the Vetronaviglio Srl sites may fall into one of the following four categories:

1. Strictly necessary cookies

These cookies are essential because they allow the user to browse Vetronaviglio Srl websites and use their functionality, especially in relation to the search for information and ordering. Without these cookies, the services requested by the user cannot be provided. These cookies do not collect user information that could be used for marketing purposes and they do not remember the websites visited by the user. An example of strictly necessary cookies is the "shopping basket cookie" (cookies for purchases), which are used to remember the products that the user wants to buy when adding products to the cart or proceed to purchase.

2. Performance cookies

These cookies collect information about how the user use the Vetronaviglio Srl websites, for example on the most often visited pages and on any error-messages received on certain pages. These cookies collect only anonymous data that are used to improve the functioning of the Vetronaviglio Srl websites. They are not used to send the user online advertising.

Without these cookies, Vetronaviglio Srl cannot know the performance of its websites and make significant improvements that could enrich the user's browsing experience. Some examples of performance cookies used by the Vetronaviglio Srl sites are the Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics tools (shown below).

3. Cookies related to functionality and profile

These cookies allow Vetronaviglio Srl websites to store the information provided by the user, such as language preferences, and to save useful technical data for the user's interaction with these websites. For example, they store the user ID and some elements related to their profile. In addition, they make sure that both user experience on Vetronaviglio Srl websites and the marketing operations are interesting for the user. These cookies can also be used to provide services requested by the user, such as viewing a video or inserting a comment in a blog. The information collected by these cookies is anonymous and cannot track the user's browsing activity on other websites.

Without these cookies, a website would not be able to remember the choices previously made by the user, nor to customize the user's browsing experience. For example, to store user preferences related to the language, a cookie is used that allows Vetronaviglio Srl to show the results of the product research in the correct language; in addition, Vetronaviglio Srl uses a cookie that stores the user's choices regarding the appearance of the information banner on cookies, displayed on the Vetronaviglio Srl websites. This cookie helps Vetronaviglio Srl to remember the user's choice during subsequent visits on the website on which it was carried out and to any other Vetronaviglio Srl website belonging to the same domain, or to the same group of domains.

4. Advertising cookies

These cookies can be used to send advertisements that are of greater interest to the user. They can also be used to limit the number of views of an advertisement and to help determine the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. Although these cookies can track user visits to other websites, they are not able to trace back to the user.

Without these cookies, the online advertisements displayed may be of little interest to the user.

Set cookie preference

The user has the option to accept or decline cookies. The Internet browser automatically accepts cookies, but in general the user can change the settings of his browser in order to refuse cookies or to receive an alert when a cookie is registered on his computer. By choosing to refuse cookies, you may not be able to fully experience the functionality of the Vetronaviglio Srl websites or other websites visited.

Use of Web Analytics services by Vetronaviglio Srl

Vetronaviglio Srl uses industry-standard Web Analytics services to track visits to its websites. These services are provided by Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. The information generated by the cookie relating to the use of the Vetronaviglio Srl sites by the user (including the user's IP address) will be transmitted to Google and Adobe, which will save them on servers located in the United States. Google and Adobe will use this data to examine the use of the Vetronaviglio Srl sites by the user, to compile reports on the activity on the websites intended for the operators of those sites and to provide other services related to these activities and the use of Internet. Google and Adobe may also transfer this information to third parties if there is a legal obligation or if these third parties process the information on their behalf. Google and Adobe will not associate the user's IP address with any other data they hold.

The user can reject Web Analytics services by installing the following tools on his computer.

Google Analytics Opt Out -

Adobe Analytics Opt Out -

The user can check the "privacy policy" and directly manage the Web services of the following Suppliers at the respective links:

Youtube -

Facebook -

Instagram -

Linkedin -

Do-Not-Track signals and similar mechanisms

Some web browsers can transmit "do-not-track" signals to the sites with which the user communicates. Because of the different ways in which Web browsers integrate and activate this functionality, it is not always clear whether users want these signals to be transmitted or if they are not even aware of their sending. Currently there is disagreement, even among the members of the main organizations that define Internet standards, about any behavior that websites should adopt when they receive these signals.

At the moment, Vetronaviglio Srl does not take any action in response to these signals. If and when a definitive standard is established and accepted, Vetronaviglio Srl will again evaluate how to respond to these signals and update this policy.

Disclosure of the user's personal data

Except as explained above, the personal data of the user, collected by Vetronaviglio Srl through its websites or provided by the user when contacting Vetronaviglio Srl, will not be shared outside of Vetronaviglio Srl without the user's authorization.

Disclosure of data to service providers. Vetronaviglio Srl signs contracts with other companies for the purpose of providing services on its own account, such as hosting websites, transmitting information, conducting surveys, processing transactions, analyzing the Vetronaviglio Srl websites and carrying out activities and other analyzes aimed at improving the quality of the activities of its sites and its products or services. Vetronaviglio Srl provides these companies with only the personal data of the user they need to offer such services effectively. These companies and their employees are not authorized to use the personal data they receive from Vetronaviglio Srl for different purposes.

Disclosure to distributors. To respond to user requests, Vetronaviglio Srl may share the personal data of the user with companies that distribute the products Vetronaviglio Srl. In these cases, Vetronaviglio Srl provides these companies only the personal data of the user they need to respond to his requests; these Companies and their Employees are not authorized to use such personal data for different purposes. In some cases, Vetronaviglio Srl may request the user's permission to share his data with some distributors for marketing activities that do not consist in responding to a user's request. Vetronaviglio Srl, however, will not share the user information for these purposes, unless you have explicitly agreed to do so.

Disclosure related to transactions. In correlation with some transactions, Vetronaviglio Srl may disclose some or all of the user's personal data to financial institutions, judicial authorities and shipping companies or postal services interested in executing the transaction.

Disclosure related to acquisitions or disposals. There may be circumstances in which, for strategic reasons or other commercial reasons, Vetronaviglio Srl decides to operate the sale, purchase, acquisition of any activities in some countries, or otherwise reorganize them. Transactions of this type may provide for the disclosure of personal information to potential or real buyers, or the acquisition of companies that provide personal data for a fee. Vetronaviglio Srl may disclose the information of the user that it retains to the extent necessary and appropriate to continue the negotiation or to complete a merger, an acquisition or sale of all activities or a part thereof. The practice adopted by Vetronaviglio Srl consists in seeking an adequate protection of information during this type of transaction.

Disclosure for other reasons. Vetronaviglio Srl may disclose personal data when there is an obligation or legal authorization to do so or if it believes in good faith that such action is necessary to fulfill the legal requirements or the requirements of a legal process to which Vetronaviglio Srl is interested, for protect and defend your rights or property or, in urgent cases, to protect the personal safety of any person.


Vetronaviglio Srl undertakes to protect the security of the user's personal data. To this end, it uses various security technologies and procedures that help protect the user's personal data from their disclosure or from unauthorized access and use. For example, Vetronaviglio Srl stores personal data provided by the user on computer networks with limited access, located in structures whose access is also limited. In relation to the websites in which the user enters, it is the user's responsibility to guarantee the security of his password and not to communicate it to others. When the user navigates to a site to which he has logged in, or moves away from a website and connects to another website with the same access mechanism, Vetronaviglio Srl verifies the user's identity by means of an encrypted cookie, registered on the user's machine.

Consultation of the user's personal data

In some cases, the user can consult and modify the personal data provided through the Vetronaviglio Srl websites by visiting the page in which he provided the information. In any case, the user can always ask to consult and modify his personal data, collected through the Vetronaviglio Srl websites or provided when he contacts Vetronaviglio Srl, or he can ask Vetronaviglio Srl not to use such data anymore by contacting Vetronaviglio Srl through the contact information shown below. Vetronaviglio Srl may perform operations aimed at verifying the identity of the user before making his personal data accessible to the user. The user can help Vetronaviglio Srl to preserve the accuracy of their information by communicating any changes to their postal address, telephone number and / or e-mail address.

Consent to international transfers of personal data.

Personal data collected by Vetronaviglio Srl through its sites or provided by the user when contacted, may be sent to the United States or to other countries in which Vetronaviglio Srl or its agents or Suppliers have their own facilities. Vetronaviglio Srl can also store and process information in such places. Although the laws on the protection of personal data of these countries may differ from the laws of the country in which the user lives, Vetronaviglio Srl will adopt appropriate procedures to ensure that the user's privacy is protected. By using the Vetronaviglio Srl websites or by contacting Vetronaviglio Srl and providing it with their own information, you consent to the transfer of data outside of your country.

Information about children

Vetronaviglio Srl does not deliberately collect information from children and does not address its websites to children.

Links to other websites

The Vetronaviglio Srl websites may contain links to other websites, for example to distributors and affiliates selling Vetronaviglio Srl, professional associations and government agencies and to publications. Although we try to offer links only to websites that share its high standards and respect for privacy, Vetronaviglio Srl is not responsible for the contents, security or privacy policies adopted by other websites.

Application of this privacy policy / Contacts

For any questions regarding this information or the personal data management of the user by Vetronaviglio Srl contact:


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Changes to this privacy statement

Vetronaviglio Srl may periodically update this privacy statement. When this happens, the "last update" date is changed at the end of the information. If Vetronaviglio Srl makes substantial changes to the methods of collection, use and / or sharing of personal data collected through its sites, the user will be informed by sending an e-mail to the last address provided by the user and / or by publishing a notice related to these changes in a visible place on the sites

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